I am not a Whisky expert

I am a whisky fan

Whisky is my hobby, my passion

I have enjoyed Whiskey for many, many years

I started this site to keep my thoughts and notes and to develop my knowledge. If you want real expertise you must speak with those who work within the industry and have learnt by dedication to their craft over many years and from their mentors who preceded them. I drink whiskey almost every day, resting my liver on Mondays.

Nothing would please me more than if you enjoy reading my posts and joining me on my whiskey journey. Please comment, share your own thoughts and experiences and point out my errors and topics you would like me to write about.

I research what I write and I contact the Distilleries to check my facts as much as I can or they are prepared to confirm. When I find I have published inaccuracies, I correct these. I have published several business books so on a good day I ought to write correctly.

The Distilleries have been most helpful on my quest, providing media, news and respond to my enquiries more often than not, for which I am most grateful. The engagement I have with distilleries is probably the aspect I enjoy the most. gives my whiskey journey focus, direction and context. I have styled it a Transatlantic Blog to give me flexibility to write U.K. focussed posts or U.S. focussed posts. I write about Bourbon and Rye, I write about Scotch. I look for areas we hold in common and write about these.

The more I have researched and written the greater my enjoyment of Bourbon. I By reviewing past interviews, video and radio the more I have related to the characters who created this industry and continue to deliver an exceptional product.