Baron de Sigognac 20 year old





Overall: 7/8

Consolidating my interest in Cognac today I am reviewing an Armagnac – Baron de Sigognac 20-year-old. Armagnac comes from the Armagnac area of Gascony. They use Alambic stills and a single distillation process favoured in Armagnac. The charring of the new oak barrels is controlled to the second and plays a major influence in the flavour, without doubt, I have enjoyed Armagnac for a long time but this is a first for me having largely enjoyed the more commercial producers such as Janneau. Baron de Sigognac is an old traditional producer which very unusually owns its own vineyards, its distillery, its ageing cellars and bottles all its production.  They don’t leave anything to chance in guaranteeing quality control of their product.

Nose: A big, big hit of cooked fruitcake – the marvellous aroma of the cake tin the slightly well-fired edge, unmistakable along with prunes, raisins, spices, walnut dark chocolate oranges and hints of leather and cigar. Over time the nose gets even more powerful filling the whole of my Glencairn glass.

The palate delivers everything the Nose promises, lavish dried fruit, dates, chocolate raisins. There is a faint sweet fruity note almost tomato it is very pleasantly spicy with subtle ginger, cardamon and nutty with a hint of balsamic. This is lovely.

The finish is very long with hot spicy pepper. The Baron is sophisticated creamy smooth and balanced, finally, there is even more spice in the ginger tail.

This is an excellent quality aged Armagnac. A fabulous drink reflecting care craftsmanship and quality and wonderful value. For me a well priced must buy that will sit on my shelf to be shared with family and friends.