Benromach Cask Strength packing a Punch

This batch was distilled in 2008 and bottled in 2018.  

As more distilleries join the cask Strength movement, Benromach produces its Batch 1 to join the fray, an evolution from its 100 proof edition.

Benromach Batch 1 2008

I love Cask Strength, it ought to be a standard bottling from every distillery as it showcases both spirit quality and cask selection, you can enjoy the whiskies flavour at its maximum intensity.  It leaves you to chose to add or not water to taste.   This year I have focussed all my attention on these expressions. 

This Benromach is an instant hit.  Flavour and smooth roundness providing a great tasting experience.

Nose:  Initially biscuit, fresh fir tree,  ginger,  stewed fruit sherry note, faint smoke, nutmeg, almonds ,banana.

Water opens up slight but not unpleasant plastic toy note, smokier, custard creams with a touch of citrus 

Palate:  Spicy black pepper, apricot, brazil nut toffee cinnamon, vanilla, soft oak as it finishes you get the lovely cask notes that move from typical sherry flavours to sweet caramelised woody notes a wonderful transition and finish.

With water the palate gives barley sugar pepper and ginger hint of peaches rhubarb and custard more complexity than its 10 years would suggest.

This is a lovely complex whisky the ABV elevates it nicely smooth spicy and sumptuous, highly recommended, more depth and flavour than some peers tasting the quality of the barley fermentation.  This is a whisky in three parts.  The initial lovely spirit flavours, the mellow sherry cask influence, moving to more caramelised cask flavours.  Something for everyone and definitely for me.  I see this becoming one of my daily drams.

Many thanks to Benromach for the sample