Bourbon or Scotch – which is better?

If you want a good laugh seek out the thread on Whisky forums entitled;

‘Which is best Scotch or Bourbon?’

It is always a prejudicefest. It is always good knockabout stuff. I criticise it but I always seek it out and read it.

Of course, it is a bit like who is best boys or girls, which is best apples or oranges. It depends on the context and the question; What for?

Personally, I love both, indeed I love all, bourbon, rye and scotch whether sherried or peated, Islay, Highland, Lowland, Cambletown or Speyside.

Thinking more deeply about this question to give it more credence, there are times when I prefer one over the other.

I love bourbon when I can buy it as a single barrel expression without breaking the bank. I love it when I need an easier drink that always goes down well. I love rye when I want a savoury, spicy drink.

I love it when younger relatives are round and want to have fun without measuring every drop. I love it when I want a high strength drink that survives a few drops of water well.

I love scotch when I am happy and have time to slowly enjoy my dram, preferably in front of the fire in winter with close friends.

I love it on these occasions that I am feeling perverse, traditional or prepared to work at enjoying its subtle complexity and hidden sweeties.

I love most of all that I can enjoy all the varieties that whisky has to offer. I do have personal preferences and prejudices of all varieties. I love Peat, Sherry, Glenfarclas, Islay, Talisker and A’Bunadh. I love Buffalo Trace, Heaven Hill and Wild Turkey. At their best, I appreciate JimBean and Jack Daniels, even Diageo.

I love whisky people, distillers, P.R. staff, retailers, writers, bloggers and drinkers. Such an eclectic group in person, bars and on social media. I value that my Instagram feed has both baseball players and highland cows. Young ladies, elderly blokes, Americans, Dutch, Scots, English, Belgians and a lot more besides.
So which is best whisky or gin?

Don’t get me started my wife prefers fancy Gin but never declines a good Scotch or a Bourbon and Ginger.

My kids will accept anything provided it is quality and free.

My friends are ladies and gentlemen whose company is a highlight of any day.

I love whisky. Which is best is the one that I have in my Glencairn today.