Glencadam A Jewel from the Eastern Highlands


Image courtesy of Angus Dundee

Glencadam a very old (1825) traditional east coast distillery sat quietly only known to enthusiasts until the legend that is Ralfy made the 15 his whisky of the year raising the profile overnight! Angus Dundee distillers own Glencadam and Tomintoul another below the radar classic not helped by its marketing catch phrase of the gentle dram. It should be the ‘bloody great 16 year old for discerning drinkers’. Nothing gentle about that!

To complete this review, I purchased a 3 miniature pack of the 10,15 and 21 year old expressions.  A very good deal if you want to chose which of these to purchase (and you will).

Glencadam 10 year old 46%


Image courtesy of Angus Dundee

46% Non Chill Filtered and no coloured added! Fabulous this is what I want to see!

Nose  New cut grass, vanilla and fondant icing subtle and good.  This bodes well for the palate,

Palate Soft spices –  cinnamon, ginger, black pepper. Soft barley sugar note and I am getting hints of bitter lemon a taste that I love.

Lovely dram !

With A touch of water( half a teaspoon in 5 ml) it rounded off the spicing neatly

Apple orchard on top of the previous notes

Enhances the palate makes flavours more distinct is that gin with the bitter lemon?

It is a lovely dram balanced well between complex spices and creamy barley notes.  A serious dram I love it!

I can be sceptical about some 10 yo that never get beyond the new make and American oak instant spicing but this has a character all of its own breadth and depth a balanced Scotch.   The interaction of spirit and cask is well defined.

This is a core range offering that delivers like an independent bottling – top marks. There will be one at the front of my shelf soon to share with family and friends. 

Glencadam 15 year old 46%


Image courtesy of Angus Dundee

Now moving on to Ralfy’s favourite. I do rate Ralfy above almost any whisky reviewer.  He is knowledgeable, discerning and entirely honest.  If you have not searched him out on You Tube you have missed out on a highly entertaining and vast store of whisky knowledge, #maltmates!

Nose Fresh cut grass with a  hint of tropical fruits certainly pineapple with green apples.  An interesting bright, sparkling nose.  This is a treat

Palate  Peppery, oranges and cloves with a hint of biscuit and creamy caramac chocolate  A really great palate.  This is lovely whisky with beautiful balance that fills the mouth with flavour which develops and expands over time.

Finish Enduring fruit, sweet ,creamy and spicy great mouthfeel coats the mouth enhancing the flavours.

A really great bright lighter malt. Light but not short of flavour and elegance. No shortage of spice.

Get to know Glencadam they continue to flourish.  Well priced a slow sipper with real class!

Glencadam 21 year old 46%

Image courtesy of Angus Dundee

I remember my first Glencadam 21 year old. I was impressed and absolutely loved its spicy rich complex winter fruit style in a well known hotel in Crieff with a great whisky bar! 

Nose Dried fruits, marmalade, well-fired  malt loaf notes 

Palate Ginger spices, cinnamon, barley sugar, almonds, black pepper lots of flavour just as I remember it.  Great cask influence without being at all woody.

With Water

Nose Opens up with a teaspoon only, revealing more fruits and toffee

Palate Ice cream soda, mellow soft spices with  a hint of mint. Lovely in the mouth, fruity, sweet, spice mix, all twisting together for great balance and complexity.

Finish Settles down nicely on the finish with a great aftertaste of mince pies (both pastry and mincemeat) I am  loving the icing sugar taste dusting  on pastry balancing raisins and sultanas with the spices slowly retreating.

This delivers at 21 years old well matured without losing the core spirit notes. 

Glencadam now do a wide range of expressions to investigate further.

The core range of  is 10,15,18 and 21.  Their  Reserva Andalucia was released earlier this year – it was originally a limited edition release of 6000 bottles but the markets loved it so much they have decided to make it a core expression.

They are selling three limited editions currently – Glencadam 13 (ex-bourbon), Glencadam 17(12 years bourbon and 5 years ruby port) and Glencadam 19 (13 years ex-bourbon and 6 years Oloroso sherry).

I hope to taste some of the other expressions in due course.  If the three that I described here are anything to go by these will all be exceptional.   I highly recommend these whiskies.