I’m Dreaming of an Amber Christmas



If ever there was a time to treat yourself Christmas 2020 is that occasion!




…. sitting comfortably every single one of the 24 evenings of Advent beside your Christmas tree, preferably with fire burning and perhaps a candle flickering. Of course if you can’t be bothered with that, imagine sitting at a beach bar in your favourite resort, waves slowly washing on the beach as the sun sets.


Anyway back to our traditional Christmas scene…

Image courtesy of The Boutique-y Whisky Company

You reach for your Boutique-y Whisky Advent calendar, find the date and pop out a delicious dram. What joy is delivered; floral, fruity, sweet, spicy, nutty, earthy, peaty, savoury? A distillery you have loved for years, or a new experience from a new discovery. Whatever, every whisky is always a memory or a revelation. You nose this delight, gradually letting the aromas develop, watching the flame flicker through the amber glow in your Glencairn. Now you gently take the first sip, patiently, slowly allowing the liquid to coat your mouth and tongue chewing to squeeze every hint of flavour onto your palate. You might also reach for your indulgent chocolate advent calendar as well – or is that just me?


Your nightly ritual; a quiet hour reflecting on drams of Christmas past, drams for Christmas present and drams for Christmas future. Drams enjoyed with family and friends, drams sampled in distilleries, drams enjoyed in bars and on hillsides.


A Boutiquey Advent calendar is an immersive experience of the aromas and tastes from every corner of Scotland and the Islands. Enjoy young fresh lively malts, explore the depths of whiskies aged up to 25 years. A menu of mostly single malts but including older grains and some blends – every one a delicious treat. Be transported from alpine Switzerland, to the glorious English Cotswolds, on to America, then on to the oriental mystery of Japan, to a quit cosy pub in Ireland. Your escape from lockdown in a box of treats. A liquid time machine without limitation.

It is like owning your personal quality whisky bar. Nobody selects whisky like The Boutique-y Whisky Company. I ran a tasting this year with their Chinese New Year selection. The attendees were all astonished at the quality and individuality  of every dram. This years advent calendar contains some of the best of their whisky cask selections each 30ml bottle bearing their hallmark label with the glorious artwork illustrating an intriguing story of fact about the whisky within.

If you do not drink alone buy your partner a Boutiquey Gin,Vodka or Rum calendar to drink along or buy yourself a second one – it could be a Japanese, Premium, Cask Strength or Old and Rare. Which Advent calendar will ignite your imagination for a month of whisky indulgence?