Know your Whisky Market

In order to better understand the developing whisky market, the marketeers commissioned this analysis. Distillers must read and learn in order to better target these markets.

In 2017 millennials are 18-35, Baby Boomers are 60-70.

Numerically millennials are in the majority, baby boomers are not.

Millennial numbers are increasing proportionately, baby boomers decreasing.

Millennials drink gin when the whisky runs out, baby boomer ladies drink gin.

Millennials have debts, baby boomers have pensions

Millennials are the future baby boomers are hanging on in there.

Millennials drink what their fathers drink when it is free, baby boomers drink what their fathers drank as they get older.

Round a table millennials whats app each other baby boomers play dominos

Millennials exchange knowledge baby boomers exchange opinions

Millennials prefer to drink what they like, baby boomers prefer to drink age statements.

Millennials wear beards and leggings baby boomers wear waistcoats and caps.

Millennials buy samples and cocktails, baby boomers buy bottles.

Millennials communicate by snap chat and Instagram baby boomers use email and phone.

When drinking millennials lose inhibitions baby boomers lose days.

Millennials keep whisky on the shelf, baby boomers keep it in cocktail cabinets.

Millennials admire Mila Kunis comedy acting, baby boomers admire JimBeam’s diversity employment policies.

Millennials admire Mathew McConaughey’s immersion in the brand baby boomers think the poor hipster has fallen on difficult times.

Millennials listen to podcasts, baby boomers to blues and rock.
Millennials add water with an Angel Share dropper, baby boomers from a
crystal jug.

Millennials take empty bottles to a dump for recycling, baby boomers take them to the bottom of the yard for target practice.

Millennials drink from a Glencairn nosing glass, baby boomers from a crystal tumbler.

Millennials drink craft whisky, baby boomers drink blended Scotch.

Millennials remember Sesame Street baby boomers remember affordable 25 year old malts.

Millennials favourite Islay is Kilchomon baby boomers is Laphroaig 10 year old.

Millennial spend hours searching for Pappy, baby boomers spend pours searching for happy.

To discover the best whisky Millennials attend whisky festivals baby boomers join whisky clubs.

Millennials drink in bars and clubs baby boomers drink at home.

Millennials favourite Speyside is Balvennie triple oaked baby boomers is Glenfarclas 15.

Millennials whisky collection is 4 well chosen rare bottles baby boomers is 40 bottles accumulated from milestone birthdays.

Millennials support independent bottlers, baby boomers support their local bar.

On a trip to the highlands Millennials will visit a cooperage, baby boomers will
visit a public toilet.

Millennials will drink quality, baby boomers will drink quantity
Millennials favourite Bourbon is Elijah Craig single barrel, baby boomers is Elijah Craig 12 year old.

Millennials carry a water bottle, baby boomers carry a spectacle case.

You may be offended by these sweeping generalities that is one of the joys of blogging. I welcome your additions to this list from your own observations, the more amusing the better Those of you between 35 and 60, so called Gen X have a particular perspective I would welcome hearing.

The funny thing is that we all know these to be untrue generally. All of us know exceptions to these norms and one of the joys of the whisky community is its ability for tolerating and valuing differences and how the preferences of different generations converge. As a community its ability to laugh at itself is an example to be admired.There are few communities which show such respect between older and younger members.