Revealing the Premise

Foursquare Premise 46% ABV

Image courtesy of Foursquare

Premise: “A previous statement or proposition from which another is inferred or follows as a conclusion.” The Oxford English Dictionary.

Premise is one of three releases release in 2018 of the now 8 exceptional cask series, Dominus and 2005 being the other two. it is matured for 3 yrs in ex-Bourbon casks and then 7 years in ex-Sherry, before being blended with 10-year-old matured rum.

I am a huge fan of Master Distiller and Blender Richard Seale. His strategy has delivered and put Foursquare right to the fore with some stunning Rum. He is the great-grandson of Reginald Leon Seale who founded the company in 1926, making him the fourth generation to work in the family business.

Here are my tasting notes:

This is an exceptional and hugely surprising Rum. There is, of course, no added sugar, just a traditional pot and column set up producing great spirit to mature in well-chosen barrels. At first taste initially, I preferred the 2005 and Dominus but that is personal taste this is no less a Rum which makes it a high scoring classic just a bit less in your face wow factor than the other two but much more accessible perhaps too accessible. Given the name, I believe the Rum is designed to be a ‘slow burner’ revealing its treasures over time.

If you drank this too quickly you might miss its hidden depths. It is this evolving flavour that is promised by the name Premise – it does indeed infer another proposition. The light fragrant fruity note certainly infers another set of aromas flavours and final elements to emerge as a reward for patience and well worth waiting for.

I loved this Rum for its difference and subtlety. You really need time to savour this slowly. It is different and the better for that.