The Blended Whisky Company XL

XL Blend Batch 1

Photograph courtesy of TBWC

Today I am doing my first review of MMXIX the XL Bend Batch 1. Bottled at 46.2% ABV by The Blended Whisky Company.

The XL follows up their award winning 50 year old Half Century Blend and Lost Distilleries Blend.

The Blenders notes reveal:

“This remarkable blended Scotch whisky combines whiskies of no less than 40 years of age taking its inspiration from the legendary whiskies produced in the 1960s and 1970s…..

The Roman Numerals are far more than just a 40 year old age statement however. The XL blend is distinctly “extra-large” in flavour and in maturity, with most of the blend being of much greater age which is, um, XL-ent.

Combining some of the most XL-ent whiskies from across Scotland, this Speyside-led union is rich and intense, with ancient grain and old Sherry cask-matured whiskies from the 20th century’s boom period of Scotch whisky distilling delivering dumbfounding depth and at least 4 alliterative “D”s.”

I would not disagree with any of that.

The use of the alteration and puns the concept and providence point at a well know independent provider famed for producing many stunning blend-ys.

My Tasting Notes

Colour: Dark burnished copper

Viscosity: Short full legs

Nose; An initial vague medicinal tinge slight aniseed, marzipan, gooseberry, light oak and vanilla, walnut, leather, sultana, liquorice, that fired Bourbon biscuit note ,traditional mature bramble jam very complex evolving with time to reveal even more with a drop of water.

Palate; ginger and pepper spice, treacle toffee hint of brine or salinity, well fired toast, brown sugar to the rear, walnuts and tobacco a touch of bitter lemon liquorice, fruit cake, smooth, silky cherry cough syrup and nutmeg more complex than most but well balanced maybe more tastes than I have experienced before.

Long, long, long on the finish with the fruitiness enduring and some coffee and sweet spice notes.

The nose is still developing as is the palate an hour to experience opening all the time opening to release a touch of smokiness.

The 40 years plus of maturing delivers masses of aromas and flavours and is balanced and integrated without any overwhelming woodiness.

The release of 1000 bottles is imminent I expect it to vanish rapidly. yet but a fabulous addition to the tasting experience. Yet another Blend that proves that a master blender can develop more. This is a truly fantastic example of the art. It took me over an hour to complete this tasting. I could have taken much longer.