Why You Need a Whisky Advent Calendar

Did you catch my post yesterday, an ode to an advent calendar?  I thought that I would add an extra post based on an insight that I had this morning.

Whisky advent calendar at first might seem and is a bit of fun.  A lovely dram to enjoy every evening from the 1st December to Christmas Eve, bringing back memories of chocolate or pictured filled fun revealed behind the daily door in your youth.

I view my annual calendar as an intensive whisky appreciation course.

Fo me each day is a ritual:

I open it early, take a photograph which I put into my iPhone notes page.

I read a bit about the whisky to understand its origins and production methodology.

In the evening I sit in an armchair by the fire beside the Christmas Tree.

I savour the whisky.  Taking the time drinking this normally as my only dram of the evening.

I do my tasting notes thoroughly and over a long time, adding water to taste.  For this I keep it simple – information (cask etc), appearance (colour,legs), nose, palate, finish, conclusion.  I want to concentrate on the whisky.

I continue nosing until the glass is empty

Then I sit back and ponder what I have experienced

Time is important as every whisky evolves.  I recently took 3 hours to enjoy a 1967 Brora, believe me it was worth every second.  Whisky rewards patience.

Advent calendars generally allow you to chose your theme;


Wider whisky



Old and Rare – up to £10k a calendar , out of my league!

Amongst others

I am lucky to have been sent by Drinks by the dram The Boutiquey Whisky company advent calendar.

This calendar covers some older whisky I.e more than 15 years.  A number of  younger spirit led drams of whisky I have not tasted at youth.  Lots of classics from every region and many from outwith Scotland.  There are very interesting whiskies I have never tasted before.

There are single malts, Blended malts, Bourbons and Grains.  A different treat every evening.

There are a number of experienced reviewer who are also tasting this calendar every evening and you can compare your notes with theirs – always interesting but to reassure you , your observations are no less valid than theirs and mine.  I cannot smell or taste what you are!

What is not to enjoy about such a whisky extravaganza!  Cap it all with each 30ml sample bearing a beautiful graphic by Emily Chappelle  – an anecdote, often obscure.  Unravel the story to learn more about the distillery.

This calendar is sourced from Master of Malts my favourite whisky retailer.  


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